I am really NOT good at this part! I am not one of those people who can rattle off a handful of things about themselves like we were on a speed date so you could get to know me. I prefer the hard stuff and I cannot stand the small talk. So I will get straight to the heart.

I am 22 years old, a wife to a wonderful husband, and a mother to two beautiful little baby girls under the age of 2. I am a J type personality, so that means that everything has its place. Everything is organized, stacked, filed, and placed into 15 beautifully mastered binders. I work on our family budget at least once every day and I have a list for everything.

I adore coffee and socks and reading on a warm rainy day. I hate cold and I LOVE self-improvement reads. I fail at yoga everyday but I keep trying and I have learned to actually enjoy tea because I want to get off of drinking the bad stuff.

I strive to be a better ME every day (hence the self-improvement reads…)

I went to a very small private Christian school for 10 years and my graduating class was made up of 12. We learned very quickly how to work together and became a very close family. Immediately afterward I went to a small private Christian college and got my Associates in Arts Degree.

After experiencing day care, food service, retail, photography, self-employment, and libraries, I work a full time administrative, secretarial position for a Real Estate Agency.

Some would say that I come from a broken home, but I would say that my home has only gotten bigger and more wonderful after each speed bump. From this I can say that I have experience mentoring and helping young girls who are suffering from depression, home issues, and in need of self-help.

I have covered a good range of different parts of me that I hope are helpful for you! If you ever have questions for me after knowing my experiences, likes, dislikes, and so on, feel free to comment or email me! 🙂

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