A Little Bang for your Buck!

This section is all about donating and selling your stuff that you are not planning on keeping. What’s wrong with getting a little out of what you give away right?

As you are going through everything, once you come across something that you know you are not going to keep ask yourself, would someone buy this? Could I get a little money back from this?

If it is something really used, like your old sweaters or flip flops then no…either trash those or donate them to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. But if you come across something that’s still new, usable, and looks good, then it’s a good chance that you might be able to turn around and resell it!

I recently found some great things in our house that I can sell in different ways. You can either sell online, in a yard sale, (they have virtual yard sales also like on Facebook), etc.

If you want to sell online there are a couple websites that I can recommend.

One is Etsy.com and it is a site where you can either sell your homemade stuff or sell items that you have! I have a shop on there myself called JennyBethTasteofHome that I post homemade scarves, jewelry, etc. on if you want to see what it looks like! It’s easy, affordable and actually kind of fun to explore. It only take 20 cents each listing you post and that’s it! So it’s really cheap.

Another site I would recommend would be Ebay.com. Not as cheap, they still take out a percentage depending on what item is listed and the price, but it is a good way to reach out to a global community wishing to buy. It’s user friendly and doesn’t take very long. Just make sure you are using good pictures and use details to describe your item so that way it can sell faster! And always account for shipping. I would recommend setting the shipping cost as an actual cost for a flat rate packaging because it will sneak up on you how much shipping actually costs!

If you are not technologically savvy, then I would HIGHLY recommend doing a garage/yard sale this upcoming spring or summer! You take in so much satisfaction after it is all over and you can sell quite a bit doing it! Make sure you are putting your best items out in front so it draws people in. Whether it be a great dress, chair, or kids toys, people are always looking for a bargain!

I would recommend doing the yard sale before selling online because you will sell faster in a garage sale. However, if there are items that you are confident you can get a decent amount for that you wouldn’t get in a garage sale, save those for your online sales. That way you are not shorting yourself. Also, if you start your yard sale early in the season, try selling online for a month or two and it hasn’t had any nibbles, you always have more time to do another yard sale to get rid of those stragglers!

And if it comes down to it that you are at the end of the good weather season, you’re tired of waiting on buyers and you just want everything out, you can always opt to take everything to a donation location. I definitely think it is a good investment of your time to sell, however. Give it a little time and patience, and I believe you will see the benefits of waiting! 🙂

Well that is my blurp about donating and selling. I hope you take a little time to digest what you’ve taken in while you’ve been going through your things and consider doing a little work to sell your items! Get a little bit of bang for those bucks 😉


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