For More Eyes Than Your Spouse’s

You know the last place you want your guests going is your bathroom, and it’s the last place you forget to clean because you’re too busy making sure the living areas are all spit-spot!

And then you go in when everyone is over and you realize how awful it actually looks… to you at least.

The toilet hasn’t been cleaned in a few days.

The sink has toothpaste in odd places.

…what kind of spittle are these people shooting to make toothpaste reach BEHIND the faucet?!

The trash is overflowing.

The mirror is covered with suspicious spots.

And you could make a small dog a sweater with all of the loose hairs that have found their homes in odd places.

So as you pretend to be going to the bathroom you are frantically splashing water on the sink and the mirror to wipe away the big clumps of toothpaste and spittle (gross!), you take a wad of toilet paper and wipe down the ring of the toilet to make it look like you clean every so often, and you use your hands to shuffle all of the hairs on the floor into a neat pile, pick it up like a dead rat and shove it down into the trash bin so it doesn’t look like it is too stuffed for its britches.

There. The band-aid to the problem. Now you can at least go and enjoy your guests for a little while before they leave and you REALLY tackle that mess with rubber gloves and a hose!

I am so that person, which is why I resolved to make a difference in the lavatory department.

I first went through all of my bathroom items and got rid of the things that were either trash or I wasn’t keeping (see my post about decluttering), took the trash out, and swept the floor.

I then purchased some fabric bins that fit the shelves behind our toilet and designated them to fill my nail polish, hair stuffs, makeup, and a catch-all in a hurry. I also got a little desk organizer with drawers for our medicines and labeled each one for either prescriptions, cold and flu, or other. This is also on the shelf behind our toilet.

We do not have a closet in our bathroom, but we do have shelves in the hallway right outside our bathroom, so I put our towels stacked neatly on the top shelf, and our small towels on the shelf below that. I also got a 97 cent storage bin from Wal-Mart and put small things in there like soap, razors, that sort of thing. That also goes on the self with the small towels.

Underneath our sink I got another small bin from Wal-Mart for the same purpose, but these are things that we would grab in the bathroom.

I also sewed a toilet paper holder that hangs below the dispenser because we do not have a good place to put a huge thing of toilet paper! It can hold up to 4 rolls at a time, which is perfect in case we run out on the john!

Finally, I made a routine for each night before we go to bed for cleaning up so that way we do not accumulate muck in the bathroom!

Each night before bed I close the bathroom curtain (so it won’t get nasty when it is folded and wet), and I wipe out the sink and faucet.  I have a weekly Cleaning Schedule (click to download) that covers other parts of the bathroom that I wrote up a while ago.

So that is how I tackled the bathroom situation! I still have more ideas, but I will go over those sometime when I have a little more cash to spend! 😉


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