Budget Binder


This is a great way to organize all of your finances!

I started with dividing my binder by months, this way when it comes to tax time I can just take my whole binder instead of a pile of papers and just start a new binder next year!

Now the miscellaneous stuff that you will have in your binder that don’t belong in your dividers would be your first and last pay stubs from your current job (the rest of your pay stubs should be somewhere safe)…

Recurring Expense Sheet 

Recurring Expenses

Year at a Glance Sheet

Financial Goals Sheet

Financial Goals

Checkbook Register

Checkbook register

A Monthly Ledger

Monthly ledger

Savings Information Sheets 

Savings information

Bills Checklist

A Year of Savings Sheet (I have one for loans and one for a house)

Year of Savings

Now for each month I tucked away a 2015 Calendar in each divider to let me see what days that bills are due.

Next is the Month at a Glance which gives you an overview of bills, extra spending, and savings.

Month at a Glance

After that you have your Monthly Check In which helps you to get an understanding of your goals and how you are doing each month with them.

Monthly Check-In

After that I have my Budget Worksheets that I made in Excel. It’s easy enough to do and if you download my worksheet all you have to do is punch in your numbers and it will calculate everything for you. And you can change your budget however you want! This is just what we stick to.

Next is our Paycheck Budgeting Sheet which breaks down each of your paychecks.

Paycheck Budget

I have all of those for each month so that way I have a handle on our finances even if they fluctuate.

I also include in each month a printout of each bill that we pay, so that way when we do our taxes at the end of the year we have proof that all of our bills were paid in full and on time. I also include sells I make either on Etsy.com, Ebay.com, or another site so I am counting that extra income for the month as well.

At the back of my binder I have a section for our debts, because this summer we are going to start paying off student loans. I have a Full Debt Overview, Outstanding Debt Information, and a Snowball Calculator.

So after taking a look does this look doable?? I think it is 😉 After putting your binder together and sticking to it, it becomes easy to keep everything together!

I really encourage everyone to make a Budget Binder. Even if you are not a “binder person,” this will do you a world of good!

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