The Kitchen is the Heart of the House

I find that when I am not organized, I am not happy. If I am not constantly straightening up, filing away, cleaning spills and grime, or being productive in some way, I feel incomplete in a way. As a wife and mother, I feel like it is my job to be the organized and productive one.

Not saying that my husband doesn’t do anything! lol

But I try to model myself after the Proverbs 31 woman (which I will be doing a blog about in the not-too-distant future) and she was on top of EVERYTHING!

From finances, to her children, to taking care of her husband, all of that! So I strive to be more like her.


If things are not organized in there then I cannot function, dinner is blah, and no one is happy.

THEREFORE, I grabbed some tools to help me be a little more efficient. I don’t have everything I want yet because I can’t afford them yet, but I am getting there little by little! I pick up things here and there once in a while and I build up my usage!

One thing is for sure, I LOVE containers. They look better than cardboard boxes and they can fit more than they can! I put our cereals, crackers, and those sorts of foods in big containers on top of our fridge.

I also have containers for our baking staples such as flour, sugar, baking powder, and ground flax seed. It is SO much easier and NEATER to put them in canisters and not have to worry about the mess that the bags make. We got our canisters from Bed Bath and Beyond and have been happy with them for 2 years now! They are suction seal so that helps keep the staples fresh. Someday I would like to get more to put my pastas in!

Another item I found (at Goodwill!) was a small tiered rack that I put all of my little spices on! Beforehand all of my spices were just jumbled in my cabinet and I couldn’t always see what I had. Once I went through it all I found out I had about 3 things of chili powder, 3 HUGE containers of cinnamon, and (I kid you not) 5 giant salts…

I guess you can never go wrong with having too much of those things, but still… I would not have gotten them at the store if I had known they were there in the first place!

So now with my tiered rack I placed all of my spices neatly on the shelf and I can see everything I have!

Amazon also has a lot of great tools that I love! One is this under-the-shelf basket that just slides under the shelf and hangs there for things such as plastic wrap or tin foil! It’s handy and pretty inexpensive! If you want to see it on Amazon, or buy it, it’s right here!

Under the Shelf Basket

I also made an inventory (we will go into inventories later on) of everything that I have in my spice cabinet so I don’t run into this problem again!

Another little thing I did (right when we got married) was get a couple little wicker baskets that are on top of our microwave and they hold miscellaneous stuff… right now they are holding rice and chocolate chips ha! But they originally were for snacks on the go. (I’ll have to fix that when I get home tonight) I would portion out snacks like raisins, crackers, nuts, granola bars, fruit cups, etc. into little containers (who would have thought?!) and put them into the wicker baskets so that way when one of us was on the go, we could grab a snack in a rush!

That brings me to another wish of mine for my kitchen…for my fridge actually. I have seen so many people use plastic bins in their fridge and freezer to maximize room in there and hold foods and it is my ambition to do this! Our shelves are CRAZY right now and it would be so much easier to just have everything in designated tubs.


Another area of organization in your kitchen are your drawers… this one can cause nightmares for some people! They’re messy and sometimes impossible to open from everything jammed in them! That is when I discovered little dividers at Meijer to help keep everything in its place in my drawers! I use silverware dividers and small square ones as well to catch all of the little things (like teaspoons, snack containers, etc.)

Some of my drawers are not very deep, so it’s difficult to find the right containers to divide everything, but for now I work with what I have.

The next area to discuss is under the sink.

Oh dear.

This was a disaster zone for us at home for the longest time. I didn’t want to touch it because it was so nasty…but finally I mustered up the courage to tackle the mess!

I pulled everything out, made an inventory (ha!) of all of my cleaning supplies and guess what? I had MULTIPLES of EVERYTHING! This is what happens when you make an inventory. You realize how much stuff you really have! I then found a couple of boxes that we had lying around and put all of our cleaning supplies in those boxes so that way they’re contained and out of the way.

I left out a couple of cleaning supplies like Lysol wipes, disinfectant spray, Windex, and Fabreeze out and within an easy reach because I use those on a daily basis.

I also had empty bottles that we were planning on using someday (key word, someday) and finally decided that we weren’t going to any time soon. So I recycled those. If we want to use some in the future we can wait until our other ones are empty and use those.

We also had a small green plastic bin from the dollar store that I had gotten a long time ago and it wasn’t getting much use out of it, and I put all of the things we need on a daily basis in there. These things would be the dish soap, the sponges, rubber gloves, and sink stoppers. That way when it comes time to do the dishes at night I can just grab them easily, and once morning comes and it’s time to put everything away, they’re in their places and out of our way.

The last thing I did under the sink was collect all of our wrappings. Tin foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, that sort of thing, and I put them all in an empty cereal box until I can get a magazine holder to put them in. This way they stay rolled up and they don’t get lost among everything else down there!

The next area I tackled in our kitchen was the kids cabinet. This has all of the baby food, plates, utensils, cups, bottles, and food. It was hard keeping all of the plates to stay stacked since most of them are divided and they would end up falling out whenever I opened the door. So I took another trip to Goodwill and found a small plastic bin that I could easily stack all of the plates and travel containers in. This actually saved space and has been a great tool!

The last area I tackled in our kitchen was our can cabinet. This one was easy. I just put the big cans on top, the medium cans on the middle shelf, and the coffee, tea, honey, and peanut butter on the bottom. (I still have to make an inventory though 😉

I do have a freezer inventory going, but I will get to that when I go over inventories.

So that’s it! I still have a lot I want to do, but I have to wait until we have a little extra income before I do anything more. Now onto the next project! Can’t wait! 🙂